Marianne Melling: Tour of Lawrence Race Report

By Marianne Melling | July 22, 2016
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The Tour of Lawrence was my first exposure to bike racing years ago when riding my bike was simply a release from the stresses of architecture school, and 25 miles was a long ride.  That day as I watched a field of women fly through the streets of Downtown Lawrence I knew that someday I…

Amy Davis: Tulsa Tough Race Report

By Amy Davis | June 15, 2016

After spending 3 months this past Fall recovering from a clavicle fracture, I didn’t have any plans to return to the racing scene, let alone jump into a regional event like Tulsa Tough. Things have done a 180 in the last 7 months, no pun intended. The VeloTek family has played a huge role in…

Brent Anderson: Salt City Criterium Race Report

By Brent Anderson | June 2, 2016

Wow! What a great weekend of racing this past memorial weekend has been and to think I might have missed out on those incredible experiences if I had listened to my self-doubt. Three weeks ago I crashed hard during the crit stage of the VeloTek Grand Prix.  Thankfully no broken bones but, instead, a bruised…

Will Peterson: Salt City Criterium Race Report

By Will PETERSON | May 31, 2016

What better way to start with recapping a great Memorial weekend, then stating what I kept telling myself after the first night of racing. I am very blessed by being surrounded by great friends, family, and teammates. Each one of those are such an integral part to making racing possible. The support of friends and…

Kyle Sabatini: VeloTek Grand Prix Race Report

By Kyle Sabatini | May 2, 2016
Photo Credit: Dani Peterson

As I woke up this morning, sensing every ache and pain from the days past, the reality of this past weekend is finally settling in. Today is my birthday, yet another in the books.  Although it is undoubtedly the most painful birthday weekend, it’s perhaps the most satisfying and fulfilling to date. Just a week…