Spring Fling Recap

Team GP Coach and founder Jim Whittaker drew first blood in the 2011 Road Season by winning the first sprint of the Masters 35+ crit. Jim kept up the fast sprinting and attacking in the 16th Annual Spring Fling crit series. Jim Battled Jack Mason (Monster Energy) to a close 2nd place only missing 1st by 2 points. Jack was a great competitor and he picked up steam as the series progressed. Jim says look out as he plans to his buy first new bike in 7 years. His secret weapon for 2012? Specialized Venge!

Once again the Cat 4 women had a strong showing with many old and new faces. Team GP VeloTek women’s racer Brianna Guilford, Lindsay Lorenz and a surprising Ann Michael have really improved their crit racing. Brianna snuck racing in while pursuing her PHD at KU med in Physiology and Lindsay Lorenz is an experienced massage therapist. Ann is new to racing and showed impressive power for a first timer. Obviously years of group exercise participation has provide a great base of conditioning for her.

Junior GP racer Nate Goldberg won the junior’s race and was competitive in the Men’s Category 5 field as well. Nate contribute his time and volunteered every weekend in addition to racing and continues to improve his cycling ability.

Bobby Brigman who placed 3rd in 2010 fought Tye Trammell (Colavita Parisi) for the entire series and finally beat Tye in the last race of the series. Race #4 showed Ryan Kelly and Grant Harrison attacking Tye trying to put him into difficulty. Long time GP Member and former KU 800 Meter runner Mike Rosta showed improving form in the Category 4 race as well.

Grant Harrison showed his versatile volunteering the race and placing in the 4’s and 3/4’s. Like many cyclist Grant comes from a long outdoor tradition and elite level soccer experience.

New comer Jason Merckling who was a division I track and field sprinter in his collegiate days was impressive in his Spring Fling debut and has just begun to develop his cycling ability.

Team GP VeloTek helped to promote the 16th Annual Spring Fling and they were a competitive factor in every race during the series.