Clown, clown, clowns abound!

As a Professional Cycling Coach since 1994 one of the highlights is meeting and training all types of people. I’ve trained Trauma Surgeons, Nurses, Ortho’s, PT’s, Teachers, College kids, Military Professionals, Ministers, Secret Service, and CPA’s you name it. One of the funniest was a client who was a “crap dealer” well when I realized that he worked in Las Vegas I knew what type of crap we were talking about. One of my earlier clients who is a fast recreational cyclist is also a Professional Clown. No laughing, Clowning is big business. Richard Renner is also a promoter of the Lawrence Busker Fest! Lawrence isn’t just a cycling Mecca our city is about all types of fun. The Busker Fest is going on this weekend August 19th, in Lawrence Kansas. So come on down for some Douglas County road riding, a little Free State Beer, a Burger Stand hamburger and then some world class Busking. See ya on the streets and be sure to cheer the unicycles the loudest!

Richard Renner Video.