Hot, hot, Hot! Pizza

Team GP VeloTek & Scout Venturing Crew headed out for the June 18th Pizza ride. It was hot, hot, and more hot with temps exceeding 100 degrees. About 15 youth and adults road from Johnny’s North to the East end of the Kansas River Levee. Stiff 30+ winds pushed the normally one hour ride to 75 minutes. Luckily field irrigation allowed for a perfectly placed cooling station.

Junior ride Bella Whittaker had this to say: “wow, that was fun”

Thank you to everyone who came to the second “Pizza Ride!”  We had a fantastic turnout, and above all, those wonderful pizza’s went to good use! The Pizza ride will be July 16th (the third Monday of the month).

*spread the word! Next month, lets over crowd the patio. Everyone’s welcome.

Pizza_Ride_2012 < Ride Flyer