TCCP & GP Burn Rubber!


After Dr. Jeff Unruh’s Slimen Und Grossen (big and slimy in Euro-slang) Cross race (results) a few Topeka and Lawrence Team GP teammates headed over to Topeka Community Cycling Project (TCCP) to support their mission in a fun and wacky environs at the Celtic Fox in Topeka, Kansas.


Michael Rost raced GP Alumni Greg Payne for the 2 fastest times of the night. Greg Payne with his blistering leg speed went under 10 seconds when most racers managed only 11 to 13 seconds (howtoflip). Greg’s the same guy that won Hotter-than-Hell-One-Hundred in the Cat 3’s a few years back. GP fast man Jack Funk rocked the race too but was fatigued  from racing the Cross race earlier. Jack’s got more watts than Coach Jim and less gut!

Coach Jim raced TCCP President and strong man Karl Fundenberger to a paltry 13 seconds but Karl blew the machine with his horse power. Karl’s a fun guy and the driving force behind getting bikes into the hands of kids and everyone on the streets of Topeka. Team GP VeloTek is happy to support them because we ride in Topeka.





Kasey Clark who by day is a software engineer and by night a Wacky Scientist of Bike Ergo/Human Interfacing set up the kwazy contraptions. He took a lot of pride in what he did and he’s a heck of an entertainer too. Speedy Spokes is his little gig so reach out to him if you want some active bike fun at your event.





The bottom line is our bottoms on our bike seats! When kids can’t ride their bikes down the street without fear of being hit or disrespected what’s happening to our America?  Combining ALL modes of transportation will impact our national energy policy, child hood obesity rates, rising Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke, impact national mental health and more. What you do to the least of me you to do to me so put the screen down and drive smart for our kids!

Support People for Bikes.