Join our regional fun rides.

The generous folk at Team GP VeloTek power regional Rides.

Ever notice how most runners don’t smile when they run? And cyclist are gabbing, smiling and chatting when they ride and even race? The social aspect courtesy of drafting is one of the best parts of cycling. As you get into cycling you’ll notice that you’ll hang around cyclist more and more. You will have more energy, your clothes will seem oversized, you’ll fantasy about riding and not driving your car. Strange things happen when you pedal your bike. Pedal in a group and even greater things are possible.

Maybe you’ll start shaving your legs and wear spandex, maybe your bike will have no gears or brakes and you’ll wear wool. Maybe you’ll ride to work in work clothes and save money, your health, and the world?! It doesn’t matter, as long as you pedal something you are making a difference.

Join Team GP VeloTek in making a difference. We promote health competition, communities, youth and sustainability.

 The “Pizza” Ride.

pizzaride3rd Monday of every month May through October. Meet at Johnny’s across the Kansas River in Lawrence KS at 6pm to stage. We’ll ride from 6:30pm to 7:30pm along the crushed gravel Kansas River levee trail. This is a no drop ride with varying abilities. Typically we average around 10mph. This ride is sponsored by Team 360360RacingLogo_1 and Venturing Crew #2159. Crew Advisor and Coach Jim Whittaker is your contact. Open to everyone with a helmet! Kids’ bring a parent. Rain or shine, if it storms we’ll just eat pizza and talk about riding. Jim’s cell 913.269.VELO


 PT’s “Flying Monkey” Ride

Join Ian Silovsky and Mike Rost in Topeka EVERY Monday from April to September for an easy ride from the best coffee shop in the World! It’s a relaxed recovery ride that travels the Big Shunga trail. Talk to Ian about health and fitness needs as he’s a Professional Fitness Trainer at Rebound PT. Heavy rains or dangerous storms will cancel this ride. Ian’s cell 785.223.1988 FlyingMonkeyRideFlyer

TREK Store of KC Shawnee Store Rides.

Wednesday – Join the experienced VeloTek race squad and very helpful TREK store shop riders to learn basic road safety, pace line and other group riding skills. 6:30 pm Start.

Thursday – Join the VeloTek ladies on the women’s ride 6:30 pm Start

Trek Store ride link.

A VeloTek Performance group riding tip.

1. Keep your head up and forward, where you look is where you go.

2. Be consistent and calm.

3. Easy on the brakes and go in a straight line.